I am Hilary Sharp, Trekking in the Alps and Provence is my business and I guide all the trips

I started this journey in 1991 and have been a self employed hiking guide in France ever since. My business has transformed along with me - from living in the shadow of Mont Blanc for 25 years, to migrating further south in 2013. It has been a great joy to meet and walk with so many different people. I am immensely proud of the fact that many friendships have been made through my hiking trips and today the Trekking in the Alps and Provence community is very widespread and strong. People meet whilst hiking with me and and often choose to return on my trips together. And why return? Because hiking with me is fun, informative and safe. 

  • Long time qualified Hiking Guide, previously an Outdoor Education Teacher, based permanently in France. 
  • British with French nationality, bi-lingual
  • Blessed with great enthusiasm to walk in the hills and mountains, to find quiet and calm, and to see what is round the next bend, on the other side of the hill. 
  • Blessed (or cursed) with an utmost attention to detail
Hilary Sharp on the trail to Mont Ventoux ©trekkinginthealpsandprovence.com
Passionate about history, endlessly curious to learn about the flora and fauna of all the regions where I hike. 

If you're looking for long endless days, hiking from dawn til dusk, then checking step counts and posting your performances on Strava and the like.....don't come with me! I am far more mellow, looking for the beautiful spots to stop and savour the view, to look at the flowers, to have a picnic, and to just enjoy the whole outdoor experience.

I love to hike, wherever the trail takes me, up to a viewpoint to see what's on the other side. Or to see what is around the next bend in the trail. This innate curiosity has served me well and singles me out from the others doing this job: I will take you to the secret places, the hidden picnic spot high above the valley, the unknown summit just off from the main trekking trail, the forest glade where the sun shines through the trees and illuminates a forgotten ruined dwelling....I will show you the places I have found, what I have learned, and we'll also share our knowledge about trees, flowers, animals, history ...anything you find interesting. You won't necessarily get bragging rights with me, you might not do the most famous treks and peaks....but you will have a fantastic experience, far from the crowds, discovering the true beauty of this natural world

I am a certified Hiking Guide and I hold the qualification Accompagnateur en Montagne / International Mountain Leader

When you hire someone to take you hiking you should check they are qualified to do the job.
This diploma is the European and British certificate to work throughout Europe, guiding people on all terrain except glaciers.
Hilary Sharp on the Rocher du Caire waiting for vultures ©trekkinginthealpsandprovence.com

I am also an author of hiking guidebooks, working with Cicerone Press UK.

I’ve written 6 hiking guide books and contributed to several more.  Researching and writing massively contributes to my depth of knowledge
I am also a TEFL teacher...see the French page for more details