How do I book? 

You firstly contact me and discuss the trip or hikes you’d like to do. When we have agreed on the venue, number of days and the price you then read the Booking Conditions and fill out the Booking Form which will be sent on-line to me when you press the "Submit" button on the form. Your on-line booking should be followed immediately by a deposit payment of 50% of the trip price. This deposit confirms your booking and is non-refundable. 

Does Trekking in the Alps and Provence take credit cards? 

Not as yet - however if you have internet banking a transfer is easy – just ask for bank details. Paypal is also an option. 

Can I book single rooms? 

Where single rooms are available they can be booked. Some mountain hotels are too small to provide single rooms, but for the first and last nights of the trip it’s almost always possible if you inform me on booking. There will be a single supplement to pay, but you will be informed of this either just before or during the trip.  

Can I book extra nights before or after the holiday? 

If you require extra nights I am happy to book those for you. 

Will I need a visa? 

All my treks take place in Europe so EU citizens don’t need a visa. Non EU citizens should check with their appropriate embassy or consul offices. 

Does Trekking in the Alps and Provence arrange flights? 

No, but I can arrange transport from certain airports to the meeting place, and I can advise on trains and buses from others. All my hiking venues are easily accessed by mainline TGV trains in France. I will arrange pickups from the station. 

What if I have to cancel? 

If you have to cancel your deposit is non-refundable. In certain cases it may be possible to carry the deposit over to another trip, but this depends on the status of the trip bookings at that stage. You should be insured for unavoidable cancellation. 

Do I need travel insurance? 

Yes, it’s essential that you are insured for cancellation. You also need rescue insurance. You must be insured for rescue in the mountains, even when doing an activity that doesn’t involve ropes. The insurance should also cover medical costs and repatriation. I also strongly recommend holiday insurance covering cancellation
BMC Insurance Services
SnowCard UK
Access America
Austrian Alpine Club

after booking.... 

How should I prepare for the trip? 

You should be sure to get plenty of aerobic exercise before the holiday and be sure to wear your walking boots, even if they aren’t new, and make sure your sac is comfortable. Check your gear is all in working order! Good alternatives to walking are: circuit training at the gym, running, swimming; cycling. Bear in mind that we will be out for most of the day whereas many gym classes are only 45 mins long. Try to get at least a few full days of activity. 

What if I have a medical condition? 

Let me know of any condition that may be relevant to the holiday, and please tell me of any medication you’re taking for this condition. If appropriate ask your doctor for advice.