My "office" is the Southeast of France


There are so many places to hike in France that are a walker's paradise, and I guide in one of the best areas; which is the south-east of France (see map above), which is already vast. Take a look at the venues below and see what makes you dream....the only limit is your imagination....where do you want to go

The medieval bridge at Nyons ©trekkinginthealpsandprovence.comVaison la Romaine castle ©

You can book me for a bespoke walking trip ranging from one day to a full week. I will take up to 8 people, but small groups are the best

Private hiking trips are possible at any level  and you get a customised programme

My venues are chosen for their accessibility and I strongly advise that if travelling from the UK or elsewhere in Europe you look at the train options. 

We stay in charming local hotels and each night we’ll return to base - where appropriate we will have several different bases during a week. 

Provence : from March to June, September to November

There are several venues within Provence, covering different parts of this vast region of south eastern France. All my trips are designed to really give an opportunity for immersion in the culture, the history and the gastronomy, and we'll always enjoy walks to beautiful viewpoints, with lots of time for exploring the countryside with olive trees, lavender fields and vineyards taking a star role. 

Foothills : from May to October

This range of limestone mountains forms the foothills (or pre-Alps) of the Alps, a natural bridge between Provence and the higher alpine ranges.

There is the region to the north of Provence, which culminates in the imposing limestone cliffs which form the plateau of the Vercors, and also the Alpes de Hautes Provence which are to the east of Provence, before the alpine city of Gap, a mix of roaring rivers, high grassy meadows, hidden peaks and passes, all of which are home to amazing hiking possibilties. I think we can say the foothills are one of the best kept hiking secrets of France

Southern French Alps : from June to September

Many people assume that walking in the Alps must involve snow and ice skills, crevasse and avalanche dangers, and lots of equipment. Not so! There are many miles of paths in the Alps which allow walks to be undertaken without getting involved in the high mountains and their attendant dangers.  I will lead you to the more remote places in the areas we visit, to find walks that are not frequented, to climb  summits and go beyond your expectations.     
There are four principal alpine massifs in the south: the Ubaye, the Queyras, Dévoluy and the Ecrins. These ranges are far less known than the northern Alps and although glaciers still exist there are lots of non-glaciated hiking summits just crying out for us to hike up them.  We can base in hotels and go for the best option on the day. Expect do spectacular rugged mountain days with a light backpack.

3 - 5 days, or 6 with an extra day added in for self-guided walk, a bike ride, a via ferrata or a rest! 


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