Booking and Payment:

No contract exists between Hilary Sharp (HS) and the Client until the Booking Form and deposit are received and HS has despatched written confirmation of booking acceptance. The person signing the booking form is responsible for all money due on holidays and services booked through HS. If a booking cannot be accepted the deposit will be returned in full.


Whilst every effort is made to follow advertised holiday programmes, the itinerary may be varied due to weather, experience of the party, or any other reason HS feel will be beneficial.


Any advice or help given by HS shall be accepted at the Client’s risk. HS do not accept responsibility for any loss, theft, damage, accident, death or illness to the Client and his/her property. It is the Client’s responsibility to be insured against these and all other risks.

Objective Dangers:

Holiday applicants are reminded of the objective dangers of the mountain environment and the natural hasards which are part of it, such as stonefall, slippery terrain etc. . Participation inevitably involves some risk. You take part in HS holidays at your own risk.

Medical Condition:

Any medical condition which may affect and be relevant to the activities involved in HS holidays must be admitted and a Doctors Certificate of Fitness provided.

Alterations and Cancellations:

BY CLIENT: Any alteration to, or cancellation of, the holiday must be confirmed by registered letter and signed by the Client. The Client shall undertake to pay for any expenses incurred by HS in alterations of arrangements. If cancelled, the deposit will be forfeited.
BY HS: HS reserves the right to alter or cancel any holiday if necessary. The Client will be notified of any major changes as soon as possible and will be offered a comparable holiday or full refund. This guarantee does not extend to alterations or cancellations made due to forces outside HS’s control, such as war, fire, floods, natural disasters, civil commotion, epidemics and other circumstances amounting to Force Majeure.

Damage and Behaviour:

HS shall be entitled to recover from the client any damage (including repairs) caused by the Client to equipment. HS reseves the right to terminate all contractual obligations with the Client if the Client’s behaviour is considered detrimental to HS, their other Clients and/or any third party.

Claims by the Client:

Any claims or complaints against HS should be notified to HS within 24 hours and any claim or complaint which cannot be resolved at the resort should be made in writing to HS within 28 days of the end of the holiday. HS cannot be held responsible for any actions of their Clients and/or for any claims made against them.


Refunds will not be given for any unused accommodation, meals or services.

Limitation of Liability:

HS are not liable for any act or default or omission on the part of any suppliers of any services that HS offers. In no event shall the liability of HS to the Client for any loss or damage, however arising, exceed the price paid for the relevant holiday or arrangements.